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queen of the dancehall

Spice- A Dancehall and reggae artist from Portmore Jamaica, grips a well-seasoned career and concrete discography.

Over ten years in music Spice has attained her spot with global media as the Queen of the popular genre dancehall.The billboard artist has a large and loyal fan base worldwide who gave her the title “Queen of dancehall” long before the socialite magazines had featured her.

Dubbed as the fashion forward “Queen of dancehall” by Vogue magazine, Spice created history as the first artist alive in her genre to peak one million instagram followers. It is no longer debatable whether Spice is officially the queen of dancehall for this era.

In 2017 the VH1 popular TV series Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta welcomed Spice as a cast member on the show, her bold personality and unique patios accent won the hearts and attention of millions of viewers. Spice captivated a new audience and is often highlighted in the mass media for her wardrobe and hairstyles.

The mother of two is a hard worker, a consistent award winner and industry trendsetter. In the fall of 2018 Spice broke the Internet. She entered the iTunes reggae charts at number 1with her single Black Hypocrisy in the UK and USA. The Mixtape labeled Captured debut at number 1 on the iTunes reggae charts both in the UK and USA. The single was also number 1 on Google Play and number 3 on Amazon and received features with retailers such as PANDORA.

It was documented that spice was the first dancehall artist to hit number 1 on both the single and album iTunes reggae charts simultaneously.



“I am so excited, I feel good sitting up there with Bob Marley at number 1 of the ITunes reggae charts”

The debut single off the Mix tape “Black Hypocrisy” was released after a mastermind social media campaign where Spice became the hot topic in mainstream media and on daytime TV. The official video was released for the single black hypocrisy and topped a million views within the first twenty-four hours. Black hypocrisy sustained trending on platforms for over a fortnight including Google, Vevo, Twitter and YouTube. Spice wrote and produced “Black Hypocrisy” the first song on the mixtape, to highlight and spread a message on a serious social issue of colourism, a form of discrimination that plagues the black community.

“I knew I had to use my music to initiate change, I needed to get the worlds undivided attention so I could get my message across through my music”

The music, the marketing and the video for Black Hypocrisy caught the attention of some major league media houses such as The Wendy Williams Show, VH1, BET, On Stage, The Daily Mail, Fader Magazine, Observer Newspaper, TMZ and the Source.

The Mixtape is a well-rounded catalogue of potent songs, catchy hooks, solid lyrics and genius production.

The 19-track Mixtape boast creativity from world-renowned producers including her “Spice official ent” Captured confirms Spice’s versatility ranging from Rap to Latin Reggae.Spice shows off her vocal ability with a ballad, titled Captured the name of the Mixtape.

The unfiltered artist has collected many accolades including the local YVAS for five consecutive years for female DJ of the year and the said title from the IRAWMA awards. Spice has also been nominated for a UK MOBO award. Spice has performed on the great stages of Europe’s Reggae Geel Music Festival London’s Notting Hill Carnival, Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest, and hundreds of stages all around the globe, where she is always one of the most anticipated performers for her grand entrances, theatrical performances and risqué dance routines. Spice has won views fans and consistent bookings with her “Team Spice Dancers” via her long term booking agent Ray Alexander.

Spice has recorded a collection of songs with fellow artist Vybz Kartel. In 2009 Ramping shop debuted #96 on the billboard charts, the hit with Vybz Kartel catapulted Spice to the top and she has reigned there ever since. Over the years the talented entertainer has collaborated with other high profile artists such as Missy Elliot, Kid Ink, Jeremiah, Busta Rhymes, I-octane, Lady Leeshur, Sean Kingston, Asap Ferg, Mya and many more.


Spice also owes her unprecedented success to other songs such as “Fight Ova Man” “Back Bend” Jim Screechie, Needle Eye” andIndicator”, which has 12 million views and an official remix with Soca giant Bunji Garlin. “Conjugal Visit” another hit collaboration with Vybz Kartel, and the mammoth 2014 hit “So Mi Like It” which housed 80 million views, Sheet a performance favorite with team spice, Gum, and Under Fire which are on the Mixtape. Spice has a popular collaboration with fellow female DJ Pamputtae, entitled Slim vs. Fluffy, the song climbed to number one on the Canadian dancehall charts.


Spice has carved out a space in the international dancehall arena for herself, Spice dominates social media and has launched a foundation The Grace Hamilton women Empowerment Foundation. The organization aims to enrich and empower women through unity, education and entrepreneurship.

With several tours, performing in over 50 countries Spice has stapled her name in the history books for entertainment. Her hardcore, sexy index of songs have secured great opportunities and attracted fans, sales, and joint ventures from all over the world all of which she has done independently.


However, it was not always glitter & gold, sipping champagne on first class flights…


Her parents knew that she would be amazing, so they christened her “Grace”.

Grace Hamilton loved music, born into humble beginnings Spice grew up in the crushing poverty of the Old Braeton community in Portmore, St. Catherine. The Hamilton family lived on small means in a one room house made out of board pieces without modern facilities. After the sudden death of her father Spice walked into the role as the breadwinner with her Mother. Spice would often sell food supplies and household items with her mother to make ends meet.

Spice shared a bed with her four siblings, the young Grace would walk to school because the family rarely had money for fare, she would pray away the hunger as many times there was not enough food. Spice and her mother made regular sacrifices from hunger to long working hours and absent days from school.

In the 90s the poverty stricken family became homeless after losing their home in a domestic fire. Spice’s determination fueled her passion to become successful, she made up her mind that she would take her family out of poverty. Spice completed Primary School and was regarded as a bright student by her teachers. The economic challenges the artist faced contributed to her writing skills and it was whilst attending St. Catherine High School she distinguished herself as talented in the annual Jamaica Culture Development Commission festival, Spice won numerous gold medals.

Young Grace graduated from school with eight CXC subjects, against the odds of poverty and having responsibilities at such a tender age, Grace immediately enrolled into the Edna Manley School for the Visual and Performing Arts to study voice and drama.


Grace was surrounded and inspired by social issues music and culture a young strong female with messages that were created into melodies, it was here the birth of Spice emerged.

Spice started writing songs that were bold in truth and taboo in reality, the young entertainer impressed audiences at community stage shows and college events. Spice began to gain a reputation for her blistering lyrics, and brave stage persona.

In 1999 at a local clash spot in Portmore, Spice invaded a clash between, Powerman and Bounty Killa, It was on this night Bounty Killa handed Spice the microphone to perform, Spice impressed the legendary artist with her assertive lyrics, from then on Bounty Killa became one of her greatest influencers.


In 2000 Dancehall business mogul Heavy D offered Spice her first major experience as an artist, Spice stormed into the world of Dancehall on the giant stage of Sting, receiving four encores and great interest from the sectors major players and secured her first international booking to the UK without recording a professional record, it was during her stay in London 2003 Spice met Babycham who introduced her to Dave Kelly who produced her first hit “Fight Ova Man”.

Spice made it clear that she wanted to be considered as a key figure in the male dominated industry and worked tirelessly to achieve just that. Each year has seen new accolades and Spice has set the bar high with statistics and delivery.

Spice was the first female dancehall artiste to score more than 120 million views collectively on YouTube's VEVO, the most for any female in the Dancehall. In 2014 her hit single, So Mi Like It, amassed a whopping 180 million views again placing her in a distinguished category as the first female act from Jamaica to gain that many hits on a solo song.


Grace “Spice” Hamilton is a real inspiration to others, Spice marked as a serious businesswoman with a clothing line talk show and record label.


Spice is a Mother, Philanthropist, Producer, Entrepreneur, Manager, and Icon.

Spice is The Queen of dancehall